RMCS Key Features

RCMS builds effective communication

Function Introduction

RCMS continues to evolve into a platform for building all kinds of websites by repeatedly adding functions and updating from the beta version 2005 in a number of times.

Other Distinctive Functions

Building / managing smartphone applications
By constructing it based on RCMS, it is possible not only to transmit / update information in the same way as updating a conventional WEB site, but also to create contents of a smartphone application by diverting information registered on the WEB site side It is also possible.

RCMS Key Features

Strong Cooperations With Other Systems

RCMS is also available in collaboration with external services. You can expand the range of construction by actively incorporating it.

SNS Cooperation And Response

Push information in a speed with linkage function, available as standard function between social media and Web site

SEO And Analytics Measurement

RCMS has several SEO related
functions and access analytics functions to help the site management even after construction.


By setting the multilingual
information of the content, the display outputs the contents of the language selected by the user.

Responsive View

With the same URL, you can display screen optimized for each device; PC, smartphones and applications.

Able To Handle Various Output

RMCS can also output to other forms besides PC and smartphone site is output to data broadcasting.

Building A Membership Site

User registration, members-only page creation, etc can be created using the standard member
management function.

ECommerce Function

The EC function added to the RCMS with the CMS as the main can manage the media and manage EC in one

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