Functions List

RCMS Builds Effective Communication
In addition to the functions introduced, RCMS has various functions. RCMS supports a wide variety of site constructions by selecting and combining only necessary functions from a number of installed functions.

Content system

Information management function

articleYou can set dedicated input items such as news information and product information such as date and price. For each item, you can specify the input method and how to display on the site and the location in detail.
Page feedWhen the article becomes longer, you can add a page feed function automatically.
Free HTMLIt is a module that can paste HTML directly directly. By directly editing HTML, you can create content more flexibly.
Photo albumYou can create an image list (photo album).
calendarYou can display the calendar on the site. You can also enter a schedule in the calendar.
Map informationYou can display Google Maps on the site. You can mark the position with a marker on the map.
CareersIt is an input format with items specialized for recruitment information such as occupation and work place. Up to 10 items can be set freely.
Company ProfileIt is an input format with items specialized for recruitment information such as capital and number of employees.
Corporate historyIt is a format specialized for entering company history. You can register the events that were occasionally in time series.
Transform tables from CSVBy reading the data created by spreadsheet software in CSV format, it is possible to create a table automatically and publish it on site easily.
Terminology dictionaryIt is easy to unify the terms and descriptions of words and associate them with other contents in the site such as blogs related to related links and terms, and display them as related information.
Create link collectionYou can easily create a recommendation site list.
RSS readerYou can display the list of RSS as contents in the site.
File managementYou can manage files on a management screen for each directory, issue download URLs, and publish them on the site.
Banner advertisementYou can manage banner advertisements, etc. and display them on the site or download aggregate results.
Q & AYou can create Q & A content on the site, check the resolution number and access number.

Blog posting / management function

blogYou can easily open a blog and change the design freely. You can open multiple blogs with one person, or you can manage one blog by several people. It also supports posting from mobile phones.

External cooperation

YouTubeYou can capture and upload Youtube videos.
TwitterYou can read tweets from the timeline, check the users who are following, easily follow external users such as following new users. ※ It will be charged option.
FacebookYou can embed Facebook plugin. Also, you can post on the timeline at the same time when you update the article. * Posting to the timeline will be charged option.
Settlement-related system cooperationWhen online payment is necessary, you can link with the payment agent system. ※ It will be charged option. Also, the amount varies depending on the system.
Cooperation with various SFA related systemsYou can develop connection with and external SFA related tools like Kintone. ※ It will be charged option.
Collaboration of various CRM related systemsYou can develop connection with external CRM related tools such as synergy! and spiral. ※ It will be charged option.
External data linkageIn addition to the standard external linkage, depending on the setting, it can be linked with various external data.
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