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Skyrocket efficient website with Speedweb today!


Building high quality and multilingual website to achieve your business goals at a competitive price.

Skyrocket efficient website with Speedweb today

Speedweb is a website building platform launched on April 2018 by TK International in collaboration with Diverta Asia. Speedweb is created to handle all the comprehensive work required to create and launch your website promptly. In the meantime, a team of professional members will be ready to support even after your website is launched.

Complete web solutions to accomplish an intricate web production within 10 days!

Speedweb will be the right platform for you to launch your website quickly while having the flexibility for future expansion. With Speedweb, you will be able to create an optimal website that suits your business requirements delivering your company’s information in four (4) different languages; English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Japanese and other languages to achieve your business goals and to reach a vast group of audience.

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