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Key point: As for the game result, data is linked from an external system.
【Purpose of use of CMS】 

  • Manage information of each team, introduction of group etc., at their own company and quickly transmit the latest information
  • To display the real-time counting system of game result in an easy-to-understand manner
  • To build a Membership System site and distribute contents to members
  • Paid official website with 3 mobile carriers
  • PC / Smartphone paid member website

Membership System
Sports Related

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Usage Plan

Standard plan

Device Used

PC / Mobile / Smartphone

Construction Period


Design Creation

Divertta Co., Ltd. and others



RCMS embedded



Some customization such as JVIS cooperation is provided

Community site that can register as a member on PC · Smartphone · mobile

Register paid members with settlement collaboration

I wanted a community site that can be used on all devices, RCMS made it possible to design and use the functions such as membership registration for all devices. With RCMS corresponding to payment by both credit card and carrier charges on smartphone and mobile phone; enable easy membership registration on all the devices respectively.

We also have members-only pages, such as videos that only members with paid members can browse and original standby downloads. In addition, it is registered as a paid official site with 3 mobile carriers, and it is used as a multi-device community site

Design setting independently for each device

3 Device optimization

Design can be applied differently on PC version, smartphone version, mobile version respectively. With RCMS, you can freely set the content you want to display on each device, be it on PC, smartphone or mobile phone.

Moreover, since it can be automatically reflected in PC version, smartphone version, mobile version only by updating one place, you only need to update once. Since the contents of all devices are managed centrally, contents can be updated easily, and the latest information can be sent quickly.

Cooperate with the core system according to your request

Update quickly and reliably

The team member information and the game result information were previously managed by another system, but we collaborated with another system so that the information can be disclosed on the website. By cooperating with another system, we are also supporting real-time aggregation of game results.

Also, during the season, since there is more than 100 times normal access, we have expanded our server on the cloud only for a certain period of time, strengthening the monitoring system, etc. We are flexible in response to your request.

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