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Key points: renewal site for multilingual expansion with multi-device
【Purpose of using CMS】

  • Improvement of corporate brand of the international industrial group
  • Improvement of appeal of each business
  • Realization of a stable management system at the corporate site


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Usage Plan

Device Used

PC / smartphone

Construction Period

Four months

Design Creation

Dango Co., Ltd.


Japanese, English

RCMS embedded

Dango Co., Ltd.


Multi-language support, multi-device compatibility and renewal of corporate site which is corporate face

To improve the corporate brand of the international industrial group, to improve the appeal of each business, to realize a stable management system of the corporate site

A renewal was carried out based on 5 themes.
  1. User interface and design as a company's face of overseas business development
  2. PC, smartphone, tablet, multi-device support that can be used comfortably from any device
  3. To improve corporate brand appeal to overseas business partners and customers Introduction of platform which can support language
  4. Introduction of CMS to enable operation by multiple staff without requiring special skills
  5. Company information, business guidance, recruitment information contents to improve corporate image Organization and fulfillment
Production company: Wango Dougo Co., Ltd.

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