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Malaysia Achievement Cases

RCMS platform was introduced to Malaysia recently.
Malaysia businesses has started to adopt the usage of RCMS in their business and promotional events which was a success!


Speedweb is a web development service that provided by TK International and Diverta Asia. It contains more than 2 languages in the website.

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Izumi is a Japanese Bar located at Kuala Lumpur. They provide various alcohol and comfort environment for customers to enjoy and relax their night time.

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MARQ OPTIC GALLERY is an exclusive and sensational Japanese Optical Store that specialized in handling quality handmade products with Japanese way of professional skill in edging, fitting and adjustment.

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TK International Corporate Website

TK International is a Japanese IT consultancy company based in Malaysia. They provide strategic services and solutions to their customers to expand their business in the global market.

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Our Partner

TK international distributes high quality cloud service to realize your global workstyle across Japan and Malaysia. They will work together with customers and provide strategic services and solutions to expand their business in the global market for further growth and development as Global Hub Agency.


Global Achivement Cases

Some of our international clients who are using RCMS.

Handpicked Review Cases


GRBN is a real estate company in India. Their website provides property search in India. As it is a platform for the property companies in India, the developers and agents can update their latest properties' information into the website anytime through our remarkable data management system.

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Cyber Agent Inc.

In order to reduce the burden of administrative operation, we selected RCMS. In addition to public relations officers who do not usually write HTML, we have been able to help you build a site to make it possible for anyone to easily update, manage information, and realize efficient operation

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Nipon Ham Co. Ltd. Corporate

Improvement of performance, SEO measures, and strengthening security are the main objectives of using RCMS

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Introduce various achievements / examples

We will introduce the case where we requested to divertor from among the sites constructed using RCMS.

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