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Diverta Asia Sdn Bhd is an internet based business which provides a platform for those who wish to create their own website but have no knowledge of writing code.

Our site provides the tools to create a custom build website in an easy to use environment. A customer can have a professional looking website up and running within a day. Diverta Inc. the mother company of Diverta Asia comes with a decade of inspiring track-record since 27 January 2005 in the internet based business, developing content management systems research and developing new service using the Internet from planning, constructing to the operation of the website. Diverta Inc had made a milestone itself with just 42 employees under its wings to date with the guidance of Kenta Kato, the founder of Diverta.

Our Leaders

Takashi Suzuki
Managing Director of Diverta Asia Sdn Bhd

Born in 1972 and graduated from the Department of Law, Meiji University.

After graduate, he spent 10 years at SOFTBANK Group. He started his career as a sales person, but he held various posts in the group. He left the group in 2005, move to some IT & web marketing companies. In 2016, He was appointed to a director of Diverta.Inc and established Diverta Asia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia.

Kenta Kato
Founder of Diverta Inc.

Born in 1976 and graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.

During his studies at the university, he participated as a founding member of ‘Ikkyu.com’ [TSE partial code: 2450]. In 2000, he joined the SOFTBANK Group after graduation.

In the early years of the Internet, he is engaged in the strategic planning, system design and development for a job matching site and engaged in the planning, constructing and managing a car equipment sales site.

He left the company in 2004, and started his activities as a sole proprietor. The following year, he established Diverta Inc and assume the post as the Representative Director.

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