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What is RCMS

RCMS is a platform for building an advanced website easier than ever by making various contents DB (metadata) and relating them. As a WEBSITE building platform, it continues to evolve beyond the framework of CMS.
  • Site Construction Platform
    Site Construction Platform
    RCMS is not just a CMS, it is a WEBSITE building platform which can correlate from the site for individual users to the site of companies of the various industry.
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  • RCMS Proprietary Development Model
    RCMS Proprietary Development Model
    RCMS adopted the “Shared development” model concept since it was delivered in Cloud SaaS model in 2005.
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  • Consistent Concept
    Consistent Concept
    RCMS is designed and built on the concept “90% of the world’s website can be systemized”. It is also designed to recommend appropriate building process and separate content from design.
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  • Always Evolving CMS
    Always Evolving CMS
    RCMS is provided by SaaS, and new functions and technologies are added daily. Websites on RCMS, including security updates are always up-to-date.
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  • Exceed 250 Standard Functions
    Exceed 250 Standard Functions
    RCMS has over 250 standard functions available. Membership site, media sites, intra site, Ecommerce site, the possibility is endless using RCMS as the building platform.
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  • Lower Operational Cost
    Lower Operational Cost
    It is possible to build sites within a short time at a lower cost with using the standard functions available in RCMS. With just a minimal monthly fee incurred. Therefore, operating cost is greatly reduced.
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  • Large Site Compliance
    Large Site Compliance
    RCMS offered a solid infrastructure founded by the performance record of more than 10 years. Large-scale system is achievable with its stable operation and at a lower cost.
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  • Extensible and Functional
    Extensible and Functional
    Since it is a SaaS version, customizing development is possible. You can even build your own site, and develop additional things and expand your site in the future.
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