Security Support and Correspondence

A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Robust Security Measures

RCMS and the installed server terms of security are provided.

Application security

We care about the following vulnerabilities:
SQL Injection, OS Command Injection, Path Name Parameter Unchecked / Directory, Traversal, Inadequate Session Management, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery), HTTP Header Injection, Mail Third Party Relay, Access Control and Authorization Control Missing.

Firm handle of security diagnosis

We conduct vulnerability inspections inside the company and take security measures on the application side. Network diagnostics and security measures are taken while checking daily security reports at middleware level other than at our RCMS. For the server install version, it depends on the contract. Please contact us for more information on vulnerability diagnosis / inspection.

Server maintenance cost

In the case of SaaS type (Standard plan, Virtual dedicated server plan), it is very cost-effective plan as basic server maintenance is also included in the plan, there is no need to separately pay for security measures.
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