What is RCMS?

A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Always Evolving CMS

RCMS is provided by SaaS, and new functions and technologies are added daily. Websites on RCMS, including security updates are always up-to-date.

Web site to upgrade with RCMS

RCMS adds new functions daily, including detailed settings and refurbishment. The functions released to the official version are reflected on the site using the standard plan and be used. > in the case of Virtual dedicated server plan, security update is performed as necessary, but since the server is separated; updating the RCMS program is individualized and you can consult about the timing.

New functions added occasionally

Detailed functions are added to RCMS daily. Various functions such as correspondence with new technology, easy of updating data, convenience of design editing, cooperation with external service, viewing/editing authority, and etc are added. These new functions will be added to the SaaS standard plan from time to time. Websites built on RCMS can use these new functions without additional development by themselves. Information of new release functions can be check on our RCMS support site “RCMS update information”.

Security Update Support

In RCMS, security updates are done from time to time, keeping the management site up-to-date. Updates that require common response to all websites eliminate the burden of implementing them independently by using RCMS.

Recommended for all sites SSL

In response to the announcement on August 2014, that Google will implement HTTPS compliant site to the ranking of the search results, we immediately decided to recommend all HTTPS to all our sites using RCMS. We too decided that the SSL and SNI will be free to use.

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