What is RCMS?

A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.
RCMS is a platform for building an advanced website easier than ever by making various contents DB (metadata) and relating them. As a WEBSITE building platform, it continues to evolve beyond the framework of CMS.
  • Site Construction Platform
    Site Construction Platform
    RCMS is not just a CMS, it is a WEBSITE building platform which can correlate from the site for individual users to the site of companies of the various industry.
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  • RCMS Proprietary Development Model
    RCMS Proprietary Development Model
    RCMS adopted the “Shared development” model concept since it was delivered in Cloud SaaS model in 2005.
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  • Consistent Concept
    Consistent Concept
    RCMS is designed and built on the concept “90% of the world’s website can be systemized”. It is also designed to recommend appropriate building process and separate content from design.
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  • Always Evolving CMS
    Always Evolving CMS
    RCMS is provided by SaaS, and new functions and technologies are added daily. Websites on RCMS, including security updates are always up-to-date.
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