What is RCMS?

A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

RCMS Proprietary Development Model

RCMS has delivers cloud SaaS model since 2005 and has adopted the new “shared development” model at the same time.

Validation model with beta version

RCMS Proprietary Development Model

Prior release of beta new features, shared verification work.
Updates, adjustments and additional of the RCMS are carried out almost every day by Diverta Co Ltd. (RCMS developer) some of which are not fully tested or finalized. By releasing these functions as beta version in the free edition, they will be able to take the bug reports, queries and request from users to enhance the platform better.

Share development results

In RCMS, addition to the daily development which was carried out; we would incorporate customized addition functions to our paid clients. Ownership and cost will be halved between the company and the client, the customized part will be modified and integrated into the RCMS so that the development result can be shared with other users.
Should there be cases where functions that The Company finds is necessary for the RCMS and it is in plan of development, it will be developed for free!

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