What is RCMS?

A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Consistent Concept

RCMS is designed and built on the concept “90% of the world’s website can be systemized”. It is also designed to recommend appropriate building process and separate content from design.

90% of the website can be automated

RCMS was created with the concept of 90% of the world’s websites can be automated by the system”. Therefore, in addition to the visible functions, various construction support functions are provided in RCMS. It is no exaggeration to say that 90% of the world’s websites will be made by CMS; as CMS now has become the infrastructure of building websites. Comparing to developing a website from scratch, CMS provides plenty of standard functions which enable building a website quickly and effectively.
RCMS does not just works as a CMS framework at the time of construction but also as daily site management and infrastructure management. As the number of usage increases, the system becomes stronger and the construction becomes faster and more reliable.

Evolution of Web site and accumulation of contents

In order to grow the Web site, it is important to expand the contents while continuing to operate by incorporating new technologies and designs.
RCMS is designed not to think that it should be able to realize the screen as it seems but to build a site that separates design and content, recommending appropriate building process. Because we are based on the concept of "evolve website contents and accumulate contents", even when developing functions by expanding content, even when greatly changing the design according to changes in the audience, partial renewal Just to make it possible to evolve the website.

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