A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Large Site Compliance

RCMS offered a solid infrastructure founded by the performance record of more than 10 years, and it achieves stable operation at a lower cost.

Reducing huge amount of content reduced the burden of administration and management

RCMS is an excellent CMS content management system that is important to build large-scale sites. In addition, the know-how that has been adopted and accumulated in many large-scale sites are still being reflected in the RCMS from time to time.
Maximum consideration for server stability
In consideration of the stability of the server to maximum RCMS, uses Amazon EC2 when providing SaaS version. Even for a large amount of traffic to a major portal site, the RCMS system/server will provide stable operation.
Full separating construction and operation
In the RCMS management system, you can switch the display for each role, such as displaying all the functions for the super user, content update panel for update personnel and design change panel for the designers. By completely separating data and design, it is possible to divide the work between the site creator and content updating personnel, it is also possible to form a flexible operation system even on a large-scale website.

Safe and secure operation at large sites

RCMS and all the installed server are provided while maintaining a through system in terms of security. In the case of SaaS version
Strong security system
Security updates, JPCERT cooperation centre is operating to apply the latest security patch concerning urgency / high importance announcement at JPCERT Coordination Centre. Anti-virus software is also installed in the server. It is proactive to respond to respond to several threats to the website.
Data backup with confidence in case of emergency
Sites built with RCMS, perform differential backup once a day and kept for 7 days (total backup once a week). In the unlikely event that a failure occurs, it is possible to restore the latest state before the failure after recovery. For backup of the management console with the specified date and time, please contact us for the restoration cost separately.
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