RCMS Key Features

RCMS Builds Effective Communication

Responsive View

With the same URL, you can display screens optimized for each device, such as PC, mobile, smartphone, and applications.

Update all devices at once

The same content can be updated simultaneously for all devices Select content display required for each device

The best part of multi-device support of RCMS is that it is reflected in all devices when updating one content by its own content management method. It is not necessary to perform update work for each output destination device. If the same content is displayed on multiple pages on the site, even if the display format of the content is different, it will be reflected on all the pages with one update.

Also support smartphone site / application

Based on the PC site, content output to smartphone sites and smartphone applications is also possible as well as traditional mobile sites. Also, mobile sites and smartphone sites can be constructed separately from PC sites, and even in the initial state, contents can be output to various sites in a simple form.

Mobile site

Automatic conversion of full-width katakana into half-sized characters, as well as contents optimized as a portable site, as well as compatible with pictograms, docomo / au / Softbank combines necessary functions such as picking out each carrier.

Smartphone site

When accessed by a terminal such as iOS / Android, it can automatically guide to the smartphone site and display optimized contents. We also incorporate jQuery Mobile, etc., and will help you build a smartphone site.

Smartphone application

You can output information registered in RCMS as an application for iOS / Android. This makes it easier than ever to enter the smartphone application market.
※ This is a charged option.

Tablet terminal

Tablet terminals equipped with iPad and Android can also display optimized contents automatically displaying PC site.
※ This is a charged option.

RCMS Key Features

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