RCMS Key Features

RCMS builds effective communication

ECommerce Function

The EC function added to the RCMS with the CMS as the main can manage the media and manage the EC in one unit.

The long-awaited EC function has been added as standard in RCMS.

Provide functions necessary for EC as standard functions

The functions required for the following ECs are provided by standard functions.
EC function example
· Product registration , order entry
· sales
· inventory management
· point and serial code usage
· set sale · subscription
· digital contents sale
· card payment cooperation (in the case other than PayPal, customization fee for cooperation is We will need it soon, we are planning to correspond with paygent.)

Building a highly flexible site with basic functions of RCMS and EC functions is possible.
Examples, the questionnaire function, the inquiry function, the member management function, the recommendation function, the basic delivery function such as e-mail delivery that can be used for promotion / promotion are enriched.

EC demo site

EC demo site

Seamless collaboration between brand site and EC

Maximize the use of content through unified management of brand site and EC

Since the EC function of RCMS is mainly based on CMS, EC function is added, so it is possible to aggregate not only the contents but also the membership information.
As a result, the brand site and the EC were able to do the following which had been going apart until now.
· Aggregation of site power
· Maximization of promotion and advertisement effect through integrated management of member information
· Increase efficiency of content management

EC function management screen

EC function management screen

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