RCMS Key Features

RCMS Builds Effective Communication

SEO And Analytics Measurement

RCMS has various functions such as SEO related functions and access analysis functions that will help you manage the site even after construction.

Functions related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is possible to construct a strong site for SEO making full use of SEO related functions and CMS characteristics

RCMS includes automatic setting / manual setting function of title tag, description tag, keyword tag, automatic creation of site map page · automatic creation of breadcrumbs list · automatic generation of sitemap.xml, ping transmission function to search engine · Various functions for supporting SEO countermeasures, such as target keyword ranking monitoring function in each search engine, are standard installed. In addition, since RCMS is made aware of making information easier to organize, it is important to make use of the above support functions while conscious of organizing information to be posted, updatability, site structure, information By doing so, you can build a strong site in SEO as a result.

LPO (landing page optimization) function

Display the optimal page for each user

By using the LPO function, you can display the corresponding content to the user who accessed the page according to the set rule. For example, the distribution of display is set to "keyword", the content for Tokyo people for the user who came with the keyword "Tokyo", the content for Osaka for "Osaka", and the other contents in other cases You can dynamically change the display, such as displaying it. You can also optimize by automatically increasing the display weight of contents with few exit rates from multiple prepared contents by automatic setting.

Access analysis function

RCMS has the function of linking with Google Analytics, and by using this function, it is possible to easily check the access information to the site from the RCMS management screen.

Google Analytics tag settings completed in 5 minutes

You can also embed Google Analytics measurement tags in bulk so you do not need to embed tags one by one. After setting the setting of Google side, it is completed in about 5 minutes in about time.

Measurement is possible for each device

You can measure not only PC but also feature phone and smartphone separately.

We have a simple summary screen

Although detailed measurement results need to be viewed on the Google Analytics management screen, a simple summary screen is prepared in the RCMS.

Session Summary Screen
Browser usage number summary screen
Summary screen for access count

RCMS Key Features

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