A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Lower Operational Cost

Using the standard functions available on the RCMS, it is possible to build sites within a short time at a lower cost. A monthly fee depending on the site will be incurred, therefore, operating cost is also reduced.

Flexible and cost-efficient constructions

Taking advantage of the abundant functions and know-how of the platform
RCMS has been available since 2005, and functions have been added all the time to meet the needs of the customers. Complex sites which normally requires additional development can now be built using the standard functions.
With RCMS as the base, it just cost a minimal development cost to construct a site which is more flexible using all the available features.

Daily operating expenses are also drastically reduced

Operating expenses are only a monthly usage fee
The site operation cost using RCMS is only the monthly fee corresponding to the site. In SaaS version, server cost and server maintenance cost are included in the plan. Latest RCMS can always be used, so it is possible to reduce the operation cost considerably.
Daily operational load can be reduced with high usability
RCMS is equipped with various functions to help the site management such as multilingual, multi-device, efficiency improvement of the operation by role switching screen and approval workflow, SEO countermeasure support function, and many more. From the operational efficiency point of view, it is possible to enable low-cost, high function system operation.
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