A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Extensible and Functional

Since it is a SaaS version, customizing development is possible. You can even build your own site, and develop additional things to your site in the future.

Customizing range that can cooperate with mission critical systems

Site which require data cooperation as the backbone system such as recruitment site can also be customized. The CMS provided in the SaaS version may be customized only in the package installation version. On the other hand, if it is RCMS it can be operated with inexpensive license in SaaS version, customization is also possible, so you can easily build a website closer to your request.

Provide full support even after customization

Customization development with RCMS is basically handled by Diverta Co Ltd, the developer. Since maintenance of the license including maintenance of the customized part is also done, it is possible to construct and operate the whole system without worrying about the customized part of RCMS.
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