A website building platform, beyond the framework of CMS.

Exceed 250 Standard Functions

RCMS has over 250 standard functions. Membership site, media site, intra site, EC site can be constructed as well as corporate site.

Building various sites using standard functions

RCMS more than a generic CMS
RCMS has always been adding function for their customers since their first release 10 years ago. RCMS is not only for building a regular corporate site but also applicable for building complex sites which require different functions such as search function, member-only viewing site, bulletin board, shopping cart, and many more; which is all within the default functions.

More than just a plug-in

Exceed 250 Standard Functions
Immediate and simple to use
Incorporating functions like blog functions, contact and inquiries management features, survey capabilities, multilingual, e-zine functions which usually require a cumbersome of work can now be added to the site in RCMS by checking the checkbox. As the site grow, it is important to be able to manage and utilize the contents. When membership information is centrally managed, it is possible to maximize sales promotion / advertising to these groups. Since the e-commerce function was added as standard RCMS, it is possible to attain high flexible ecommerce sites and brand sites from one management login.

Fine-grained features

Exceed 250 Standard Functions
RCMS for the “Hard to Reach Places”
RCMS is not just a rough function. It is built with careful consideration and paying much attention to the finer details of a website. Example for inquiry notification function is “send” or “not send” but when sending, only notification mail to the administrator will be sent. There are other options to consolidate in the module, like sending in a ZIP file and sending with password. You can also easily control who can view or cannot view the email of the inquiries. RCMS has taken in the requested functions from the customers through the years enhanced its system.

The long-awaited EC Function is added

Exceed 250 Standard Functions
Seamless integration between site and EC site
It is very common to have two different sites running on two different systems. EC is now added as a standard feature into RCMS, a high degree of freedom between The Site and the EC site. It is also possible to operate from one of the management screen. In RCMS, content is centralized, and it is easier to utilize the contents and becomes a powerful site. Since it is also centrally managed member information, promotion and publicity of the site can be maximized.
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