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Inquiry Form Settings

At item settings you can set the different inquiry input suitable to your form (input text, textarea, radio button, drop-down list, file and etc.)

Inquiry Form Items Settings
Inquiry Form Settings

Item Setting

Title The name / label for the input
Required Attributes Optional: Even if you do not fill in the input, it will not display error.
Required: If there is no input in the input field, it will display an error.
Do not use: it will be hidden in the inquiry form.
Answer Type / Input Value Limitation Choose from the provided input field
Order To display the input field in the form. It is listed in descending order.
ID This is use in the template design. 
Knowledge of HTML, CSS and Smarty is required to change the form design.

Click on UPDATE to confirm the settings for your form.

To change the display of the inquiry page

Changing the display of the inquiry page can be customized via template. To edit the template (if has been pre-created) or you will need to create your own template. The usage of the template will create a more flexible environment.
Note: It is advisable to have some additional knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as Smarty are required to edit and create the template.

Design Edit Template Customized
Inquiry Form Settings
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