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Content Creation

Disabling / Enabling Page

Some pages are created but you do not want to display it or probably there are times when you clicked on a link it shows “The page is not available”. This could be that page is disabled. You can change the setting on this page from page structure.

Design Page Structure Enable Page
Content Creation

Inserting / Updating Content

The content of the articles which is displayed in the site are usually from either "Topics" or "Static Content". You can edit the content from the static contents or topics groups which was created.

Updating Content in Topics
In Topics, there will be a list of contents / articles related to the Topics created.

Topics / Contents List Edit Article
Content Creation

Updating Content in Static Content
Free HTML or Static content module is a module that aims to create a free content, where it is not determined on how it is use, or to complement the part that can be represented in other modules.
Content that was created in a free HTML module is by setting as content in the Page Structure of the page you wanted to display.

Content that was created in a free HTML module or Static content, it is possible to display a plurality of pages.
A plurality of pages, such as the side menu and banner, where you can simplify the maintenance and use it if you want to display the same content is numerous pages.

Contents Static contents
Content Creation

Browser Restriction

Browse restrictions can be done in either restricting the content in a page or a particular page. There are several ways to enable the restriction.

Content Creation
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