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Nothing makes a site feel like an extension of your personality more than its look and feel.
Personality makes a site feel more like an extension of your branding with more than its look and feel as well as its functionality. With RCMS, there are various ways to accomplish this. A little effort it is easy to make your site as unique and creative as you are!

You can always engage us if all these are too intimidating to you!

Changing Global Menu

You can set which page or what link to be displayed in the top navigation, footer link or sitemap.
You too can get your hands-on with codes as well to customize your navigation.

Design Header & Footer Global Menu
Web Customization

Styling The Website

Styling with CSS
There are several ways to style your website. One way is using the CSS. You can add in different styling as in colour and font-size to your module or element to personalize it suit your preference.

Design Design (CSS/JS)
Web Customization

Styling with Template
Template is another way of styling or personalizing your website. It is a flexible way of putting your content layout at a specific way and standardizing your website with the same design.

Design Edit Template
Web Customization

Changing the URL

Changing at the Page Structure
There are two types of URL when you create a new page. During registering or creating a new page, a Directory Name (URL) is created for the page / topics ID. This name cannot be change. However, there is a "Directory Name (Alias)" which can be used to replace the URL of the page.

Web Customization

Changing at the Article
URL can also be set at the article itself. There are several ways of changing the URL. By default, each and every article has an ID. The URL consist of the Directory Name (URL) and followed by the ID number.

Eg: /topics_detail11/id=34
topics_detail11, is the Directory's details page. Number 11 is the topic group's ID.
ID=34, is the ID number of the article.
RCMS will generate an ID number for each topics / articles. This is used for template creation as mentioned above.

Web Customization Web Customization Web Customization
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