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SEO Settings

SEO measures, the entire site, page by page or through the different set points for each articles.

In the page information, and the current ranking of the keywords set in the "Search Term Setting", it is possible to grasp the number of pages that are indexed number of external links to the search engine.

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Whole Site SEO Setting

Site TITLE set as sub wording to the setting of the page description set as keywords. A minimum setting on the site setting will improve the SEO of your website tremendously.

Setup SEO SEO Settings
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SEO Settings

SEO Setting in Page

Besides setting the SEO Meta title, description and keyword for the entire site, you can have different setting to your page for SEO ranking.

Design Page Structure Page Editing Screen

SEO Settings

SEO for Each Article

You can also set specific/ different SEO meta title, meta description or meta keyword to a specific article which is different from the rest the site or other pages.

Content Update Article Article Editing Screen SEO/ Open Graph Protocol

SEO Settings

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