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Changing display layout of the content

Template Type

In the template editing module, when the display of the content can be edited in HTML (design) freely.

The contents of the template list

Item Description
Module Select the customized modules. Template has been managed for each module.
Contents type Select the content type of the customized template.
Template Select a customized template
Coverage Select the page you want to apply the customized template. All of the pages, or choose a selected page you want to assign the template to.
Device Select the application of the template to device.
[Add] Button Select all of the above items, and then click the "ADD" button to go to the edit screen of the template.

Design Edit Template
Changing display layout of the content

Template Editing

The template are written in a combination of HTML and Smarty. You will be able to change the layout by changing the template.

Changing display layout of the content
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